Microsoft, Apple, Google: How big is the battle for the world’s most valuable tech company?

Microsoft is on the march, and Google is not far behind.

In the coming weeks, Microsoft’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, will be visiting Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, to deliver a keynote address that will touch on the company’s plans for the coming years.

In his speech, Nadell will tell the world that Microsoft’s current strategy for the digital future involves investing heavily in hardware, as well as software, and is a way of making its software and services more useful to its customers.

He will also stress that Google’s plans to be a global leader in search, the internet, and cloud computing are based on Microsoft’s vision and vision of a world where the people, companies, and organizations that make the world better, can prosper.

Microsoft is in the middle of a $7 billion buyout of its Surface tablet business, with plans to use that money to bolster its cloud-based computing and digital advertising businesses.

Microsoft has also taken on new hardware partners in the cloud-first world of artificial intelligence.

Google is already investing heavily into its Project Tango mobile virtual assistant.

Microsoft wants to make the digital revolution that will drive the future of work and productivity more accessible to everyone.

Nadelly is hoping that his speech will inspire other companies to join his quest for global dominance.

The next big battle, Nadesll said, will involve how companies are going to manage their investments in the coming decades.

That battle, of course, will play out against Google’s increasingly dominant position in the market for hardware, services, and apps, he said.

It will be a great time to be Microsoft’s biggest player.

Microsoft CEO Satya Ullman speaks at the Microsoft Summit in Mountainview, California January 19, 2020.

Microsoft and Google are among the biggest tech companies in the world, with a combined market value of more than $50 trillion.

Nadeslla is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at 2 p.m.

ET on Thursday, January 21, in Mountain Park.

He is joined on stage by Microsoft chief financial officer Amy Hood, Google’s executive chairman and CEO Sundar Pichai, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Google vice president of search, Bing chairman Jim Zemlin, and Microsoft’s vice president for research, Robert A. Iger.

Microsoft announced its intent to buy back its stock, the company announced.