How to get your business ready for the next wave of digital disruption

Microsoft is expanding its digital strategy with the launch of an enterprise software product that will make it easier to manage and manage your business on the web.

The company announced today that it is adding Office 365, the Microsoft Online Services and SharePoint 365 suites, for the enterprise to provide a unified experience across its entire IT lifecycle, including software updates and security patches.

The suite, which is available on the Web, in the cloud and on the Surface Pro 3 tablet, will enable enterprises to create a seamless digital experience across the entire IT landscape, with all their content and applications being available at their fingertips.

The announcement follows Microsoft’s recent announcements about its plan to take full advantage of the cloud.

Last month, Microsoft unveiled plans to launch the Microsoft Cloud, a service that would let businesses create and manage virtual private networks and cloud services on their own devices.

The new suite, available as a free upgrade to Office 365 and the Surface Studio and Windows 10 Home and Pro, includes the following tools:A free Office 365 Starter Pack for organizations with an existing enterprise business will be available for a limited time, starting on July 1, and will be bundled with the Office 365 subscription, and Microsoft’s Office 365 Online and Sharepoint 365 Suite.

Microsoft has not yet announced pricing for Office 365 or the Office Suite.