How to Make Trump’s Media Misogyny Unwittingly Sound Like A New Conservative Agenda

This week’s edition of The Weekly Standard featured an article by David French, who argued that the media’s tendency to focus on the Trump administration’s attacks on women and minorities, coupled with the president’s attacks and policies toward immigrants and minorities are not just harmful, but also counterproductive.

French argued that instead of attacking the media for not covering this “very serious and dangerous” agenda, conservatives should focus on “telling the truth” about it.

I agree.

That is the first step to making the media more honest.

And the second is to be more aggressive in its coverage of Trump’s policies.

We should stop pretending that the only agenda Trump is pushing is the conservative agenda.

We have to say, “Look, we know what you’re doing, and we know why.

But we know that you’re going to make it worse, and that’s exactly what you are doing.”

We can’t let this president win the presidency by lying.

We need to tell the truth about what Trump is doing.

That means being more aggressive on behalf of truth-telling and not pandering to the president.

There are more than 100 conservative voices in the media who are trying to convince the American people that Trump is the one who is the real threat to democracy and American values.

If you are one of those conservatives, I’d encourage you to listen to these 10 conservative voices and read their posts on the Weekly Standard website.

First, this writer is a former radio host and radio host, as well as a former columnist for National Review, and he is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

He is the author of The Last Republic: The Conservative Case for a Republican Majority.

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David French, the Weekly Standards editor, is a regular contributor to the conservative American Enterprise blog, and the author or co-author of more than 30 books.

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