Apple, Samsung, Google: The future of computing is here

Apple, Google, Microsoft and Intel are all expected to announce new chips for the next-generation Apple Watch on Wednesday, in what could be the company’s biggest hardware launch in years.

Apple’s new Watch Series 3 will be the first Apple Watch with a touch screen, the company said.

It will be thinner than previous versions, with a more robust metal frame and an OLED display.

Apple Watch Series 4 will also feature a larger screen, with larger buttons, an OLED screen and a more powerful processor.

The new Apple Watch will be sold at $349.99 and be available in a range of colors from charcoal to silver.

The new Watch will replace the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watches that came before it.

The first Apple watch, the original Apple Watch, was released in September 2011.

It was powered by an iPhone 6 and paired with a wireless charging case.

Apple announced it was launching the new Watch in late October, two weeks after a court ordered it to remove the watch from stores in China.

Apple said the watch would be available on Wednesday in India, Singapore and Mexico.

Apple is still the biggest player in wearable technology with a market worth $30 billion, with about 40% of global wearables sold, according to the market research firm Strategy Analytics.