How to get your Irish passport back online and in good working order

A recent report by Ireland’s Immigration Service suggests that a growing number of citizens are being turned away at border checkpoints because they do not have their Irish passport.

The report states that, between April 1st and October 31st, almost 1,100 people were turned away from border checkpoints in Northern Ireland and the Republic.

“These figures suggest that in recent years, more people in Ireland have lost their Irish citizenship and/or lost their right to return to Ireland after being refused entry to the country,” the report states.

This includes some 2,000 people who have been turned away because their passport had been lost, or were refused entry because their Irish status was cancelled.

It also indicates that more than a third of all passport applications that were turned down were for non-citizens.

According to the report, some people who were refused their Irish passports have subsequently been given their passports back in good order and have since been able to return home.

Irish passport holder with non-Irish citizenship in Northern Irish border regionA report in The Irish Telegraph reports that an Irish passport holder from the border region of the Republic of Ireland has recently been given his passport back after it was lost at the border in March.

In a statement, the Irish Embassy in Dublin said that “the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Border Agency are committed to helping the Irish community to get their passports.”

“However, they are aware of the difficulties and challenges involved in the process of recovering lost or stolen passports,” the statement continued.

“We would like to reassure the Irish public that the Department of State is aware of these issues and is working closely with the Border Force to facilitate the recovery of lost and stolen passports.

We are confident that we will be able to provide the necessary support in the coming months.”

A spokesperson for the Department for Foreign Affairs & Trade said that the government was working closely to help people with Irish citizenship in the border area.

“We have been working closely on the recovery and return of lost or abandoned Irish passports to people affected by these issues, as well as supporting the Border Forces with their efforts to recover lost and lost passport holders,” the spokesperson said.

“This includes ensuring that people with valid passports who were turned back at the Border can receive them back.”

The spokesperson added that, as a result of the Border Act, there are now two systems for people to register for their Irish nationality: “The new Irish National Identity Card and a new identity document for people who lost their passports or were turned up at border in the past six months.”