A blue-sky day for book writing: Blue-sky blue-saturation software

Blue-Sky Blue-Saturation Software Inc. said it will start offering free software that will help writers write and edit their own books.

The software, which is designed to help writers better understand and create compelling prose, will be available in beta for a year.

It will eventually be available to all authors through the company’s Web site.

Blue-sky Blue-saturating software is designed for use with a notebook computer.

Blue-Source software is used by professionals for editing large print or digital content.

BlueSky’s software is free for use.

It’s not the first time BlueSky has started making software available for free.

BlueSource was first used in 2010 to help professional photographers and designers produce and edit digital files.

Blue Source was discontinued in 2014.

BlueSources first launched in 2013, after the launch of Microsoft’s Surface Book, but BlueSource has not been updated since then.

BlueSource was used by some writers to help them craft their first published book, The Writer’s Tale.

Blue Source also has been used by people to produce their first book, How to Write a Book, which came out in 2018.