Ransomware attacks on Sony and Sony Music are becoming increasingly sophisticated

Ransom-ware attacks are getting more sophisticated.

In one recent attack, a team of hackers remotely accessed a Sony Music website, and demanded $100,000 in bitcoin.

They then used the stolen bitcoin to make a digital copy of a movie called The Last Days.

A similar attack on Spotify last month took place, and used bitcoin to pay for an app that allows users to play music for free.

Ransomware is increasingly sophisticated, and is now spreading to other popular online services.

The first wave of attacks on Spotify happened after the company released a series of security updates, which contained an update that gave it a more robust and effective anti-virus protection.

It was designed to prevent attacks on music and video, and was designed for both Windows and MacOS.

The update has been used to stop a wave of ransomware attacks on Apple’s operating systems.

In a post on its website, Spotify said that the latest attack on the company happened when the attackers had “the ability to bypass all security measures that we put in place, including encryption, and bypass our security policies”.

The attackers, who are believed to be connected to Russian groups, used a technique called “backdoor” software, which allows a person to remotely gain access to a computer through a file or application, according to Spotify.

The attackers also used a backdoor to “take control of your computer and run code on it”.

Spotify said it had patched the backdoor and it is working with the FBI to investigate the matter.

Spotify’s CEO, Richard Branson, said the company had worked closely with the US government to help them track down the hackers.

“We are committed to providing the strongest possible security protections for our users and to protecting our valuable customers,” he said.

“We have worked closely over the last few months with the government to address this issue.”

In its statement, Spotify thanked law enforcement for their efforts and called for a full investigation into the matter, adding that the company is working closely with law enforcement to help it.

“If the attackers have anything to do with it, we ask that the authorities seek to get the perpetrators off our platforms and out of our network,” the company said.