‘No JavaScript’ makes coding software easier

LOGISTICS software has developed a way to make programming software easy, even if it doesn’t have JavaScript.

Logistics Software, a software development company based in Vancouver, Canada, is launching a JavaScript-based scripting language called Coding for a new JavaScript-only coding tool called Logistics Script, which will be released this fall.

The language is aimed at developers who want to write code without needing to learn JavaScript, said Chris Ostermann, vice president of marketing for Logistics Software.

The team behind Coding wants to encourage JavaScript developers to get started with JavaScript coding, said Osterman, adding that JavaScript development is a growing area in the world, but it’s still a relatively new technology.

In recent years, JavaScript has become the dominant programming language for many developers, said Brian Cairns, CEO of Logistics software.

“The way JavaScript is being used, it’s becoming more and more prevalent.”

Logistics Script is available for free to developers for use in JavaScript apps, and the software developer can use the language in a number of other ways.

Developers can also use the JavaScript-enabled script to write applications that can run on browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

Ostermann said he thinks JavaScript is the future of software development.

It’s “becoming a new language for the developer,” he said.

“It’s a language that has a really wide range of features that a lot of developers don’t have.”

The company plans to release the JavaScript language and scripts to the public in 2018.

Coding is one of several tools Logistics has developed to help developers create more robust and scalable JavaScript applications, including its Scriptable JavaScript Editor and Scriptable Script Editor Pro, Ostermans said.

The company is also developing a browser extension for JavaScript that will be available later this year.

Oberstmann said Coding has been one of the more challenging aspects of JavaScript development to learn, but he’s excited by the opportunity.

“I think the JavaScript community is really starting to get into the process and we’re really excited about this language,” he added.

“We’re really hoping that Coding can really help accelerate that.”