When Car Rentals Are Better Than You Think

The best software to rent a car can be expensive, and sometimes it’s difficult to get one without going through the hassle of negotiating with your insurance company.

But for the most part, car rentals are a better option than car insurance, according to a new study from the insurance giant Aon Hewitt.

That means that people are better off for it.

Aon Hewit released its research Monday, showing that while the cost of car insurance may be a significant barrier to renting a car, people are much more likely to do it if they have access to a car rental company.

The company surveyed more than 600 car rental companies and found that car rentals were a cheaper alternative to car insurance than car rental agents.

That could mean a car is better for you than you think, according a company spokesperson.AON Hewitt said it is not a perfect comparison, but it was the best available.

The study used data from 2016 to 2020.

It found that the average cost of insurance for rental cars is around $1,500, compared to around $2,500 for car insurance.

The average cost for car rental insurance is around 20% higher than that.

The study also found that more people have used a car than car ownership in the past year, which means that more car rental options are available.

But the study found that people who rent cars are more likely than owners to be willing to pay for it out of pocket.

“The cost of rental insurance and insurance on the car is so high compared to other types of insurance, it’s a huge barrier to owning a car,” Aon HPitt spokesperson Stephanie Baughman said in a statement.

“Renting a car provides the opportunity to avoid the costs of car ownership while still keeping your car clean and working as a vehicle of record.”