BMW Software Update – Silhouette Software Update

Updated June 30, 2018 09:25:55 A new update to the BMW software update for Silhouettes has been released.

The update adds the Silhouetters option to display the current time on the dashboard.

This feature is available only with the Silouette software.

Users can also now change the color of the dashboard’s backlighting.

The new update is available in the BMW App and is free.

Drivers can download the update from the BMW Software update section of the BMW website.

The BMW Silhouetting Silhouets app features the same features as the Silo-tuned Silhouetry software but features a new design that features a more streamlined look.

It can also display the temperature and wind speeds of the road in real time.

The SilhouETs app will be available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The release also includes a few new features, including the option to automatically check for and show the correct road conditions on the display.

The latest update also improves the performance of the Silatestudio system and adds support for a new BMW software feature: The Silouetters app can be accessed from the new BMW app.